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  • wazzup guys, here is thay (@holderek) and i will post for you some bios for twitter, hope you enjoy!! please, if you use like the post.

and i knew in my heart that he was the answer to my prayers ♡

sg was come to rule the world

im justin bieber and u are drake bell

jb its like an angel came by, and took me to heaven

they try to bring me down but i wont stop

i love u till the world ends

im hypnotized by justin bieber

i wish that i could give you what you deserve

if you disrespect my idol i cut off your penis

i sought perfection in the dictionary and appeared selena gomez

just stay strong and fuck others

hate me, dont hate my idol

you dont like demi lovato? so i dont like you

happy. free. confused. lonely. at the same time.

not a man of too many faces, the mask i wear is one

i have so much love to give.. for one direction

justin said that he loves me then get out here bitch

you said ´´love u´´ i hear ´´niall loves u´´

so let the music it blast we gon’ do our dance

don’t have a care in the world.. why would i, when you are here?

justin is waiting in your bed.. wait

dale a tu cuerpo alegria macarena

dont be scared, boy im here

you are so stupid that ill call u paparazzi

i’ll fucking beat the fuck out of you

“what the fuck d’you say? what did you say? i’ll fucking beat the fuck out of you“

thats my mom shes little but shes beautiful

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